Saturday, January 14, 2006

Side note: Talked with someone last night who gets that being Christian is not synonamous with being a Republican. Comforts me to know there are more like myself out there in that respect.

My question or really the topic on my mind these past few days is...employment. Or really, the lack of it. Someone who has been in my life since birth, who I am very close with has been out of regular work for years now. This is not some person who is lacking in experience, education, creativity, understanding or patients. They are highly qualified, educated and patient. Idolness has made brief apperiences in their endless search for employment only due to shattered dreams and a sense of worthlessness. The tragic saga that has become this persons employment record seems to haunt them in the current economic down spin America now finds herself in. This job hunt that has lasted for years now does not just effect them. The children, spouse, sister, and I of course am only a bystander in the experience. I watch from a distance but with an insiders view and understanding of the havic this is causing both financially but almost more costly, at an emotional level. Chocolate and delish cooked meals has yet to work as a solution or even distraction- and believe me I have tried.

It hurts me so much to see this person who means so much to me in such a state of dispare. There is no question that it is only due to God's Grace that they have made it through some of the more rougher patches that life has brought them through. Yet I see what they go through and they have proveded so much to their kids, their friends, family and me. That family is my second home, they have comforted me and they have made me laugh. The gifts they give are more valuable and rich in experience than any material object or exotic trip I have ever been on. My trips to Africa have shaped my interests and given me a passion to pursue but my experiences with this family have shaped me, who I am, and given me a direction and encouragement in my pursuits.

My Mother talks about finding her magic wand, because with that she need only to wave it once to fix whatever travisty those she loves are going through. Well with my magic wond I would cure this unemployment issue, and because they need money and they do, but because this lack of a job has created a void of helplessness and hopelessness and that is what I seek to cure.


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