Thursday, January 26, 2006

True story: At my Aunts house, half sitting half laying on an oversized bouncy ball. One of those ones you do sit-ups. I was attempting to do just that, sit-ups on it, something I have never been able to do. This attempt went terrible wrong when my body rolled off, almost in slow motion, and I basically flung myself against a wall. As this happened I put my arm out to stop myself, which slid down the wall and pinned my hand between my body and the wall. I know have a huge bruise one my hand and pain every time I shake hands with someone. Funny yet not.

As I write this I am sitting in the living room of my apartment at school. There is a winter wonderland outside my window, I have a large mug of Ugandan tea on my right and CNN is on in front of me. Issues on the news today: Jack Abraham, mining reform and domestic spying. Looking over the past 10 days I have had diverse experiences and emotions. I have said good-bye to a good friend with no idea of when I’ll see him again, I have heard a great man speak of his life during the Rwandan genocide, worked my last day (hopefully) in retail and spent endless hours analyzing what is yet to be my future.

Sitting on a comfy leather couch in a whole foods store, of all places, I had a lovely chat with my dear friend from the summer. Seeing his directorial work a few days earlier we discussed the results as well as our usual, life, religion and politics. I have said good-bye to great friends before with little hope of seeing them again. I feel though that with this friend we will have more great and random conversations in the future. We’ve made tentative plans meet up in London in the fall. All assuming his schedule allows for it, the financial resources are there and oh ya- I am in London. After saying good-bye he said, “Have a nice life”. Said in jest it still had a eerie ring of never seeing each other again.

Tuesday night, my mother and I drove up to school for the night. Being back on campus was so refreshing. The next morning after a quick stop in East town, we headed back to school to hear Paul Rusesabagina speak. Two hours flew by as he went through his life during the genocide. It was his ending remarks that were striking. He talked of how world leaders have gotten together to remark on the horrors of the Holocaust and how they would never allow such a thing again. But yet it continues to happen, and is still happening as you read this!


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Oh, we will see each other again, ASFH! Thanks for the reflections about our time together on your blog. It was a delightfully random afternoon, wasn't it?!?! I can't wait to see you in London, assuming all the stars are aligned and it works out. Wow, that would be freakin' amazing!

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