Sunday, April 23, 2006

Blue Like Jazz
By Donald Miller

In the past twenty-four hours I have heard Mr. Miller speak twice in addition to being in the process of reading his book. I knew about two weeks ago he was coming to my church and set the goal to have his book read by then. This did not happen. But after two hours of reading last night and an additional three thus far today, I am closing in on completion. I like it. I won't go through the book listing all the points and ideas. I will tell you what has impacted me. He really stresses the point that Jesus is not a product to sell and or buy that is the fix all. Its a relationship and all that initials. Another comment made by him early on in the books was that 'we' say we need to be aware of the problems of the world, need to be doing things, missions ect. But then we don't even tithe to our own church. We don't work at the local homeless shelter or reach out to those around us that are in need on a daily basis. He really convicted me on the whole tithing point. Read the book, its good. Humor and humanity all in one, could you ask for anything more?

Other things on my mind lately have included graduation (now less than a month away), summer plans (not going to camp but will be living with my parents for the summer- working), and the role of government in the economy and business with ethics (if there is such a thing). You cast votes with your money ya know. With each dollar you are condoning or going along with business. Makes me want to avoid corporate commercialism as much as possible. Banana Republic, GAP, and Old Navy are known for employing children in sweatshops overseas. I've tried to stop buying from them completely. It's a challenge, I like Old Navy. Nike doesn't actually own its manufacturing factories but contracts out. Which becomes an issue when they can't be held responsible for the sweatshop conditions in which they employ people for less then a dollar a day. How much do I let all this impact me and what do I do about it?


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you know, at some point i realized that most of my favorite clothes were from the GAP corporation, and that i obtained them through the suffering of innocent people. it sucks, because i also like their clothes. but what's more important, my own sense of style, or the intrinsic rights of another human? not really that hard to decide.
oh, and i really like donald miller too.

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