Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter weekend-
Went to my parent's house and it felt like their house. The room I once sought refuge in is now nothing more than a shell of storage for those odds and ends that I don't want to throw out but at the same time don't want at my apartment. My bedroom there was more what I was then, than am now. Still has my personality displayed by my unique decorating but yet lacks the homey feel of having someone living in it.

I would now like to take the time to announce the sad departure of Chachi. May he rest in peace. Sunday at approximately 4:36pm I was turning right onto a on-ramp when Chachi hydroplaned up and over a curb, onto the median. Chachi was 'my' faithful 1994 navy blue Saturn. He managed to survive my father's abuses of his windshield, both my sister and me learning to drive stick with him, winters in Michigan, oil leaks and ran on empty for weeks at a time. He proudly displayed such bumper stickers as Democratic Women are the Life of the Party, I don't Have Like Bush to Love My Country, Love Wins, and I'm a Democrat and a Christian. He was well used, greatly loved and will be greatly missed by all (in my family).


Blogger beholdhowfree said...

sorry to hear about the death of chachi, and happy easter!
i totally feel you with the stuff from your past that you don't really want, but you can't get rid of either. my parents would let me keep that stuff at their place (they have moved 4 times since high school anyway), so they mailed me this huge suitcase full of my junk. i laughed.

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