Friday, May 12, 2006

Random thoughts and comments from the basement of the library as I "study" for finals...

Chachi, my blue 1994 Saturn, has come back to us! My father and his friend generiously devoted two days to the experiment of searching for a frame at the junk yard and many hours of labor to take the old (and very bent) one off and putting the new one on. And it worked! I no longer have to carefully peal off my bumper stickers or mourn the loss of a full tank of gas.

The other topic on my mind is that of Zimbabwe. Inflation there is now up to over 1,000%! Needless to say this has had detrimental effects on the population, let those already living in poverty. Go to the BBC and read about it for yourself. Than shake your head in frustration and disbelief as you read the quote from President Mugabe blaming everyone else.


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