Monday, January 08, 2007

Handed in my two papers this afternoon. Now all that is left is an oral presentation for my Current Issues and Research in International Law class. I have three questions to answer and discuss: Why I choose the topic, what my argument is, and how I went about researching. The prospect of sitting one on one with my professor and discussing my paper is giving me increasing anxiety.

As a treat to myself for finishing the papers I went to the National Gallery and National Portrait Galleries. This was my third visit there in the past ten days. The Portrait Gallery is by far my favorite. After spending a few hours wondering through the maze like rooms I stepped out into the crisp night London air. The galleries are located at Trafalgar Square. The just set sun, mixed with city lights and the remnant of the days rain left a picturesque scene. I almost hesitated to get on the underground, wanting to walk around soaking in the city atmosphere as long as I could, but my achy feet won out and I entered Charring Cross Station to make my way across town.


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