Friday, September 26, 2008

A week with my mom…

My mother was able to fly out for six days to visit me and explore my new city. We first headed to Balboa Park. Georgia O’Keefe is a favorite with my mother so I was thrilled to be able to go see her work on exhibit at the Art Museum. We wandered the halls, examined great works of art, critiquing and commenting as we went. We also took time to explore and admire other parts of the park like the Japanese Peace Garden, the lily pond and the Rose Garden.

The second full day with my mom felt like the majority of it was spent in the car. We headed north to Manhattan Beach. There we walked the old neighborhood of my parents, took a stroll down the pier and had lunch at an amazing little crepery on the corner of Twelfth street. Eating was one of two things we did there. Laughing hysterically was the second. Lemon seeds were thrown, dropped, and maybe even spit across tables and even onto oncoming pedestrians. After hours of laughing and eating we hopped back into the car and headed north again to LA. The traffic to the city was appalling. If you ask me, too many people wanted to get into LA that day. Once we finally got to the city we walked around gawking at the expensive stores and ridicules merchandise on Wiltshire and Rodeo. We then headed back into the car for more traffic out of the city and back to my apartment.

Day three we decided to be ambitious, after all, Mexico is only 20 minutes south of my place. Well, as it turned out we spent more time trying to get out of Mexico than anything else. It is easy to get into the country, you barely even have to slow down. Getting out is a whole other story. I would recommend that one going to Tijuana bring a great map and a Spanish dictionary. The maps mom and I had were not good, and my Spanish is no bueno. I’ve been in developing countries before. But somehow it was not what I expected. I had assumed that a boarder town would be in a little better condition. As we drove around I felt comfortable with the idea of leaving my car parked somewhere as well as getting out of my car. We couldn’t locate the center of town or any part of town that looked like it was ‘tourist friendly’, so I decided to head back to the boarder. That’s when we stood in line for about two and a half hours. Since our Mexican expedition didn’t go as planned we headed to Coronado Island. There we had lunch at a fancy hotel and walked through the charming town.

Day four mom and I attend The Rock Church in the morning and spent the afternoon in Old Town. An art fair had the streets converted into exhibits and sales floors. We perused the tents, talked to the artists and picked out our favorite pieces. The last day mom was out here we spent in La Jolla digging through antique stores.

Now reality has once again set in. Going to Santa Barbara for a few days before my mom arrival and my mother’s visit allowed me to escape from the reality of not being employed and the feeling of loneliness.


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