Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Oh dear….I am going way too FAST!!!

These were the words that I yelled, yes yelled, from the (baby) slopes of Lake Tahoe. Last Friday the BoyFriend and I left town to make the eight plus hour drive up to Lake Tahoe for a few days of vacation. His third trip, my first and we were both looking forward to a break, some snowboarding and general relaxing and spending time with each other.

Our first day there seemed as though much of it was spent wondering around the town looking for either an open garage or an auto parts store. After two jumps, a small walk around town by me and three hours of snowboarding by him, we (who am I kidding, I watched from the sidelines) were able to determine a bad battery was the root of our troubles. Luckily the experienced mechanic was able to buy a new car battery and make the switch in about 3 minutes.

Day two was my turn to try snowboarding. I had bought a new ski jacket, goggles, had my snowpants located and shipped in from Chicago and had rented a snowboard and boots. Looking quite cute and very experienced I threw myself on the lift and began asking questions as to how exactly I was to get off this flying chair with one foot attached to a large plastic board. “Just know you are going to fall and you’ll be fine, expect to fall”, these were the words of wisdom delivered to me by my instructor for the day. So once the lift chair came within a reasonable distance to the snowy ground I launched myself forward and proceeded to roll (rather awkwardly) into the path of others.

That day I rolled, flung, fell, tumbled, and even did a little snowboarding. Learning to stop was my priority. I should rephrase, learning to stop by means other than purposefully throwing myself into the grown was my priority. I learned that once you stand it is not unusual to begin going fast almost instantly. Which is when I would shout “Oh dear, I am going way too fast”, much to the bemusement of those around me I must say. My instructor tells me that I did show signs of improvement and wasn’t too bad for a beginner. Then again I was paying him with hugs and kisses so who knows how professional an assessment that is.

I was able to walk away from my first and only day (thus far) of snowboarding with no injuries, a lot of exhaustion and the lesson of not only learning to snowboard, but also learning to hold on to your gloves while taking pictures on a moving lift tens of feet above the ground.

The next day and a half I spent exploring the town of South Lake Tahoe, reading, taking pictures and generally enjoy the relaxing time BF and I had together. Oh, and moving extremely slowing and with great pains as my whole body ached.