Sunday, March 26, 2006

Today's service at Mars Hill was really emotional for me. I really recomend going to Mars Hill Bible Church website and listening to March 26, 2006 service! Rob Belle gave yet another applicable Biblically based message today. Threw most of the service I had tears in my eyes. He started by introducing the prayer shall, referencing Numbers 15:37. We later looked at Malachi 4:2, Luke 8:42 and James 5. Rob walked us through the meaning of the prayer shawl and its significance. In Malachi we are introduced to the legend or rumor that one way to know the coming Messiah was that healing could be found in his cloak or prayer shall. Then in Luke we see how the sick woman who had been bleeding for twelve years touched his cloak and Jesus felt the 'power go out from him'. She was desperate but had faith in his healing power. Rob walked around the arena that is the stage he preaches from and placed prayer shawls along the edge. He asked all that were hurting, injured and seeking hope to come forward to pray with the elders and prayer leaders. Seeing all those people walk up in front of the community seeking to be healed made something in my heart ache for them. It hurt me to see so many others hurting and at the same time brought hope. They were seeking healing, comfort, hope and community in the right place and that brought me hope. Rob said that there are those that are considered very religious but are in total despair and those that are not considered religious that are filled with hope. How true is that. As Christians we are to be filled with hope. Are we portraying a flowing river or a desert wasteland?

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Just got back from my spring break in Cleveland, Ohio. I know, not your typical spring break hot spot. My two roommates and one of their boyfriends and myself drove down...or Cleveland a week ago today. The boytoy's parents own a house there that is currently vacant. While there we saw a COLDPLAY concert, went to the zoo, shopped, saw a Cavaleries game and drank a lot, oh and I got a really bad cold (again).

The concert was awesome! They rocked, we sang along and by the end of the night my cold was in full swing and I felt horrible. At one point at the end of the concert Chris ran off stage right into the crowed, climned up a railing and hung there singing while everyone within 12 feet of him flung themsevles in his direction to touch him. It was great!

The zoo was cold. I have decided that I have really no desire to ever see any African animals in zoos. It is really sad to see, say Elephants, in a small enclosed mud land in 30 degree weather. Having seen all the African animals in oh say...Africa, seeing them in Cleveland is considerable less impressive. I did love the aquariums though! and the gorillas. Although the gorilla we saw was in the perpetual cycle of throwing-up in his hand and then eating it again...not sure what that was about.

The Cavaleries game was fun and would have been really fun had I not felt like crap and had it ended about 20 minutes earlier. Did you know that a basketball game can not end with a tie? I didn't. It was a good game to see, they won in the last 10 seconds of the game. For not being one to watch basketball, that was my second professional basketball game I have gone to in the past five months. hah.

The shopping I did made me giggle....the drinking did too come to think of it. Oh, finally found a wine I can stand to drink. That made me feel very grown up and cultured. But I digress- Went shopping at GAP outlet. I've been keeping my eye out for summer clothes to wear up at camp. Basically anything boring and conservative. I tried on this outfit that made me burst out laughing at myself when I looked in the miriror- Cute little polo shirt and bermuda shorts. I looked like some kind of yuppie! The really funny thing is, I bought them.

I am not yet totally mentally prepared to return to camp. I am looking forward to returning but by default in way. Really my main resean for returning is because I am absolutely not spending my entire summer living back in B-town at my parent's house! I have no problem with not dying my hair funky colors, not drinking and dressing...some say conservative but really its boring, I have no problem with the rules of camp....until about week 6. By the end of last summer I wanted to dye all my hair hot pink, walk around in a mini-skirt and spaghetti strap shirt with a Mike's Hard lemonade in my hand. Reminds me of when I was at the Royal School (the British all girls school where cruel and unusual punishment was the norm). That school just sucked the individuality right out of you. Conformity was what it was all about. Not that I really equate the two. It's just that I have trouble agreeing with rules or conditions that make me feel as though I am no longer able to to express myself as I wish.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Upland, Indiana....oh what to say. Quaint I think is the nicest word I could use to describe that "charming" little collection of buildings. There was definitely that small town persona all around. Which is fine, I have nothing against it. It just sooo is not for me. Big city gal all the way.

Time with the sister was wonderful as expected. Her hidden talent of being an amazing choreographer was put to good use. Discovered I like cinnamon poptarts- who knew. Found out the Political Science department at Taylor has two professors. Two! Ugh. Shortly after arriving in Upland the sis and I met up with a friend from camp. Had a great chat while in Starbucks. Decided I really don't like that place. Too commercialized, no charm or personality.

My space here would not be complete without at least one comment, dare I say complaint. While shopping in the "mall" the sis was looking for basketball shorts. We walked into a sports store spent several minutes obviously more than browsing and looking throughout the small store. We received not one offer of help to locate a particular item. As we walked out a male shopper walked in and was immediately asked if he needed help finding something. I will refrain from making comments and throwing out words like...oh say, "sexist" or "discrimination".

This morning we watched Jeeves & Wooster season three. For those of you unaware of this fine show, it was a British TV mini-series based on the books by P.G. Woodhouse. British comedy is a favorite amongst my clan. The episode we saw this morning was possibly the best one I've every seen. Jeeves always has such great lines and responses. Watch it people and behold the ingenious humor before you.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Nothing more than random assortment of thoughts and comments today.

Today I will be driving four hours south to a cornfield where my sister's university is located. Greatly looking forward to seeing her, dyed purple stipes in my hair last night just for her. It seems as though she has suddenly realized I am worthy of leaning on and finding comfort and support in, something I have tried to convince her of for years.

The semester is half over almost. Spring break is in a week and I feel totally unprepared and yet more than ready for this midpoint acknowledgement of the encrowching graduation date. With two midterms behind me and two yet to take I have no doubt a week of catch-up reading and movie watching is just what I need to relax. Yet the finality of it all I am still coming to terms with. Course that senior-itis has certantly kick in making me more and more accepting of an end to these stink'n classes. International Political Economy and Religion are killing to speak. Can't stand either class!

Decided I want to go to Istanbul. Think about it, lots of history, exotic, interesting culture, warm...and so much more that I am not even aware of yet.

Missed a great opportunity to talk real about my faith the other day. Got a call from someone who (or is it whom, i never know) I used to be really close with. I know they see me as having gone threw some kind of idenity crisis or having a weak will and unable to decide things for myself...which makes it very difficult for me to talk with any sense of authority or confidence for that matter on, well me and my faith. I've been praying for years now about me and them....God put someone in their life to lead them to you and show them the healing and love you have for them, and if its me give me strength, courage, the wisdom to know what to say, and the humility to seek you out threw the whole process. Well once again, He did, and I was unable or unwilling more like it, to say what was in my heart.

Much to the shock of those who know me, I'd like to inform you that I have for the past three weeks been working out 4-5 times a week, at 6:30 am too! And I leave you with that...