Friday, March 05, 2010


I LOVE my new position. I am learning soo much and really growing professionally. I come in contact with so many interesting people from around the world. With this mix of diversity comes a mix of cultures. With a mixing of cultures comes misunderstandings and, at times, humorous moments. I thought I would share a few recent bits of conversations I've had with clients.

CLIENT: Does this mean Im still married?
ME: yes, you're still married. The Government denied your request to bring your wife over, that doesn’t mean they ended the marriage though.

CLIENT: You look French. Are you from France?
ME: Nope, Swedish and Italian.

CLIENT: My husband says they weren’t legally married. They were just boyfriend and girlfriend.
ME:(WHAT I WAS THINKING: and you bought that?) So how did your husband come up with a date of divorce then if they weren’t married?

CLIENT: You are no good.
ME: Im sorry I don’t speak Russian.

CLIENT: Thanks sweetie.
ME: (smiling)
(what I was thinking: call me sweetie one more time and I start yelling)

ME: You need to have the doctor explain what kind of medical condition she has that prevents her from learning English.
CLIENT: She had a c-section.
ME: She's eighty-three. So that was what, over 40 years ago. I think they are looking for a more recent medical condition that affects her other than your birth.